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How Do I Know if My School Has Code Compliant Locks?

Follow our simple three step guide to find out if classrooms in your school have code compliant locks.
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The Dangers of Classroom Door Barricade Devices

Learn consequences of installing barricade devices on classroom doors. Learn from the experts.
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How You Can Take Action

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Door security and safety professionals keep school classrooms safe and secure.

For decades, door security and safety professionals have protected students, teachers and staff in schools across North America. They stay abreast of the latest solutions to safeguard our loved ones, while still adhering to fire, life safety, building and accessibility codes. These experts are your go-to source for school security solutions that meet the necessary codes and accessibility requirements to balance life safety and security.

Important Statistics

School shootings, although widely publicized, are rare. Cases of school bullying and harassment are not.


of Students

in grades 9-12 reported being in
a physical fight on school property in 2018

Source: 2019 CDC Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System


of Students

in grades 9-12 reported to
being bullied on school property in 2018

Source: 2019 CDC Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System


of School Teachers

reported being threatened with injury by a student from their school during the 2015-16 school year

Source: National Center for Education Statistics


Work with a door security and safety professional who will provide solutions that balance the urgency of keeping staff and students safe, while still securing the building. We want to keep the bad ones out while letting the good ones in for every life-threatening scenario, every day. Download our fact sheet to learn how door security and safety professionals can help you secure your classroom.
Guy Grace, Littleton Public Schools
Brian Geraci, National Association of State Fire Marshals