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While the Foundation and its supporters are all very concerned and devastated by the active shooting tragedies and agree that schools must be safe havens for students, faculty and visitors alike, we believe that a safe solution can be achieved within the proven building code process.

If you’re uncertain whether or not your school has classroom security locks, contact a door security and safety professional to help evaluate your facility.

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It is critically important to the balance of life safety and security of children, teachers and staff and only door security and safety professionals are trained with this knowledge and have this expertise. Many are certificated in the specification of hardware, including electronic access control, and are also experts in building codes and standards, as well as life safety safety regulations. By clicking on the button below, you will be directed to a database of door security and safety professionals across North America. Simply enter the state of your school district and press find.
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We understand that safety isn’t just about closing the door; it’s also about opening the door. Security should never take priority over life safety. They must work hand in hand especially during an emergency situation. To learn more about the dangers of door barricade devices and to receive important news and announcements on this issue from the Door Security & Safety Foundation, please complete the form.