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Door barricade devices in schools are intended to keep dangerous individuals out of classrooms, but what if that person is already in the room?

With the recent well-publicized and horrific shootings at schools across the country, there is a growing public concern for safety in schools. However, the desire to react quickly and within budgetary restrictions generally leads to choices that may solve one problem, but inadvertently create others.

To fulfill this need, several retrofit barricading devices intended to provide protection for students while in the classroom have become available. Unfortunately, these products usually fall short of basic life safety code requirements, and their use can also lead to unintended consequences.

Several states are now proposing changing their codes to allow for such devices. The reasoning is based on the misconception that barricading the door is the only way to protect students and teachers in the classroom. However, the requirement for free egress, fire protection and accessibility must be considered in conjunction with the need for security.

There are a variety of code-compliant locks that provide the necessary security without compromising life safety in favor of potentially lower cost. So, why take an unnecessary risk?

Contact a door security and safety professional today to see if your school meets proper safety requirements.

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